I write about incidents, events and happenings in my life. Sometimes I share information and they tend to be about nature, neuromarketing or maybe some other unrelated stuffs lol. I also love to watch kdramas and animes so I post some of my reviews regarding those things, too.

I’m also an aspiring writer, will do any job related to articles, reviews and many other types of writing. I’ve done various topics and have done projects that are both professional and SEO related. Inquire me through my email! #freelance :p I can work up to 20 hours a day in the evening. My timezone is UTC+7.

Rate? Don’t worry, I am very cheap (I’m in need of money)! But, no, I will not compromise quality over cheap prices. I do my work seriously (no joke, sometimes I research too much). Negotiation is possible depending on the amount of research!

The sample works were from an employer that did not pay me (I have the proof). But, rest assured I will NEVER post works from a proper employer.

There are three things that I will not do though:

  1. Politics
  2. Sex
  3. Sex orientation

This does not include about relationship advices. I have my own principle, so I’d like it that everybody can also show some repect to it!