​Shocks in Medan Explained (probably)

As love is in the air with all the wondering of who is going to get a chocolate, the day was started with two strong shakes on 00.11 and 00.18. It then continued to freshen us up in the morning with three more major shakes from 03.35 to 03.45 in the morning. Apparently, since Monday morning, there have been reportedly 15 shakes ranging from 2.3 to 5.2.


More shakes happened as I was typing this at 16.05 p.m. and 16.19 p.m. with magnitudes of 3.6 and 3.8 respectively.
Okay, so to get into the point of why these quakes are happening so often lately is due to, according to the experts who analyzed these phenomenon in BMKG, the movement of planar fracture (sesar) on our tectonic plates. Planar fracture is also commonly known as fault (lipatan). It’s not a major movement; rather, it’s a pretty small movement. Planar fracture movements can be basically divided into three types based on the directions: strike-slip (horizontal), dip-slip (vertical) and oblique-slip (combination of both). And what happened today and last month is the strike-slip type, which is why the epicenter is very shallow; only 10 km deep.

I have to say that I am the type who is always pessimistic to what the government says. They don’t tell us a lot of things, and what they tell are usually lies or useless facts. But, there’s a chance this is true and even if it’s not, we have to suck it up. 😕
And to continue, is this thing a bad thing? Does it just happen below us, disturbs us and does nothing?

Actually, this phenomenon constantly forms our earth and some became one of the most legendary tourist attractions.
I guess you know where this is.

Grand Canyon Tours

That’s right, it’s the famous Grand Canyon!

Originally (at least the theory part) from:



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