That red and yellow McD logo is what caused you to obese.

So here’s my first psychology article for my blog. I chose color psychology because while colors made our life…colorful, it is also what makes us (possibly) fat, calm, sleep better and so on.

Have you ever noticed how people rarely use red for their bedroom wallpaper or paint? Ever noticed that white wall you see in every hospital? Or maybe, how red and yellow color simply reminds you of that double beef burger in McD?

All these is because colors play a major part in our life. It influences us in ways we sometimes do not notice. We feel calm when we sits on a beach, watching the blur wave splashing the shiny sand. We feel excited at the sight of the typical red logo of KFC, we feel refreshed with the greenery of our backyard plants.

Fast food restaurants tend to manipulate their customers by using either red or yellow together or separately. The reason is because those colors affect your metabolism process and therefore, increases your appetites. It doesn’t just stop there. Faster metabolism means you eat faster and therefore, you leave faster. This is beneficial for fast food moguls because they need fast customer turnover rate and therefore, higher sales.

“Then why not all restaurants use red and yellow color?” Paradis* Dynast* doesn’t use red.

Of course, not all restaurants use the same tactics mainly because, can you imagine if all restaurants go with the same strategy and similar interior design? Then none of them would stand out. So how can they make customers return to the same restaurant?

However, there’s also another reason in terms of color marketing. Blue is commonly used for formal, high-class restaurants due to its calming effect. Calm customers are believed to stay longer and thus, order more desserts and snacks.

But! On the other hand, to those who might be having weight issues, you can also use this color to suppress your appetites! Apparently this color is also commonly used in all-you-can-eat restaurants (for obvious reasons). But, I guess it doesn’t really affect me, eh.

What does purple reminds you? Wisdom? Royalty? Luxury? That’s what many brands who use that color want to shows. It is very common to find this color in anti-aging products or jewelry products.

Colors like black and grey are commonly associated with negative feelings especially in the Asian countries. Black commonly represents death for Asians but globally, it also shows elegance. Grey tends to be associated with old age which also leads to death but also shows a neutral side between black and white.

And lastly, white must be reminding us of something that we see in every wedding parties; purity. The white dress used in every wedding dress pictures a pure, clean bride walking towards her groom. That is also why doctors and hospitals decorate their rooms with white, to show cleanliness and purity. But using it too frequently may suggests otherwise.

And there is my short explanation on color marketing. I will be attaching a picture (not by me) with sources cited in the picture itself.

It is important to remember though that there are many other factors that may cause different perception of colors such as old age (because the eyes become yellow, try showing your grandma a blue origami and ask what color is that, sometimes they think it’s green), culture and branding. Also, studies about color marketing is stil in its early stages, as such, there are still much to be discovered.

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Have a nice colorful day~ 😉


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