Why does the earth rocks, it makes me “earth sick”.

Lately, lots of earthquakes happened around me and they just happened so close to me that I find it imperative to know more about why this happens.

The earth is made up of “broken” plates that looked like they’re being stitched together in a very poor way. So far, there are 7 major tectonic plates that account for almost 95% of earth and can be further breakdown into multiple smaller plates. Different experts may classify them into different classifications thougj so don’t argue with someone else when he says a different thing but relatively the same.

Tectonic plates move over time, creating mountains, volcanoes and sometimes island. Those plates move not because of the amount of people on earth moving around (I made that up) but because our earthly mantle is put together, or rather, float,  on liquid rock. And as you can guess when something floats, it easily moves around. Our liquid rock mantle is always on a constant movement due to the heat cycle (not the type of heat in dogs). Just like how warm air goes up, cools down and falls back, that’s how the hot molten rock cycles, thus, causing the plates to move.

So, do they just randomly move? Like, sometimes they move to the west, sometimes to the east, like a boom boom car? No.

Every plates have their own direction of motion. Below is the picture:

As you see, while they look quite random, they never changed their direction. Actually they did, but that happened like, millions of years ago so I wouldn’t really care because it has not been proven and no one has ever seen any change of direction for the last few centuries of human civilization.

Anyway, an easy way to imagine how tectonic plates move, you can use two pieces of foam rubber that were torn from the same one piece. Try fitting them together and move them in the direction like the map. That was how the Hawaiian Mountain and the Alps happened.

Hopefully they won’t happen between 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. anymore. x_x

Anyway, I tried writing this as concise as possible and not too long do you can get the gist of it without having to read the whole theory.

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