Shake it shake it. The mountain rocks.

For 2 consecutive days, I’ve felt at least 2 earthquakes. There have been 4 earthquakes and two of them happened today at 1 a.m. and 4.50 a.m. And the most recent one, which is almost 3 hours ago, could be heard.

Yea, I heard the quake not just felt it. I was close to falling asleep and the moment I heard it (accompanied with my brother confirming it) I woke with a start and rushed to wake my mother up. I had to actually hit her to reduce the “Hm?” “Uh..” “Meh”.

The previous quake which was at 1 a.m. couldn’t be felt because…

I was fast asleep.

But seriously, the aftereffects when I woke up and tried to go to the toilet, I felt like puking as if my inner parts have been shaked around and I didn’t even suspect that something moved under my feet. 

And after that second shake that startled me, I couldn’t sleep because I just became so sensitive to any irregular noises such as heavy footsteps (of my mom carrying something), motorbikes churning, much less, a passing truck (because quake sounds very similar to the noise a passing truck would make).

This data was taken from The website reports any earthquakes, tsunamis and weather changes and warns people who (live in the area and happens to have internet and happened to be opening their phone and was actually refering to this website for some only-God-knows-reason) of any dangers. 

And while I’m having my breakfast, I’m writing about this. For the next post, I will write about earthquakes and stuffs. (😂 if I don’t have much knowledge about something I always put stuffs behind them. Dentists ans stuffs. Lawyers and stuffs.)

Have a nice day without earthquakes. 🙂


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