I never knew neuromarketing existed

I’m entering my 7th semester this year and was contemplating on what to write for my thesis.

Specialization is Marketing but, man, I suck at talking with people. I especially hate hitting up a conversation with new people. It’s not like I hate you. I just don’t feel comfortable and would rather be ignored.

Maybe I’m an introvert lol.

Anyway, I tried looking for topics that I’m comfortable with where it doesn’t involve topics like direct selling or house to house sales. So, I hit up advertising on google and tried to look for (free) journals.

Aaaaaaaand, there appears neuromarketing. It intrigues me. I clicked on the link and what I found out was amazing! (trust me I’m not bluffing. I was on hype for a few days lol)

And so far, I’m pretty sure with my topic though I’m still trying to arrange a suitable title for my thesis.

It goes like this (starts singing 😂):

The Neuroscience behind Brand Preference and Brand Salience in Building the Intention to Buy.
Sounds good enough?

By the way, since this is my first post >< I hope people enjoy my ranting and other posts. I’ll be postinf stuffs like articles that are originally written by myself (no plagiarism and if you DO find anyone posting the same things and claiming it as theirs, please tell me, or if you find my posts having more than 5% of plagiarism from copyscape, please tell me, I’ll fixed that.)

Thank you for reading!!!


Author 😉


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