​Shocks in Medan Explained (probably)

As love is in the air with all the wondering of who is going to get a chocolate, the day was started with two strong shakes on 00.11 and 00.18. It then continued to freshen us up in the morning with three more major shakes from 03.35 to 03.45 in the morning. Apparently, since Monday… Continue reading ​Shocks in Medan Explained (probably)

That red and yellow McD logo is what caused you to obese.

So here's my first psychology article for my blog. I chose color psychology because while colors made our life...colorful, it is also what makes us (possibly) fat, calm, sleep better and so on. Have you ever noticed how people rarely use red for their bedroom wallpaper or paint? Ever noticed that white wall you see… Continue reading That red and yellow McD logo is what caused you to obese.

Why does the earth rocks, it makes me “earth sick”.

Lately, lots of earthquakes happened around me and they just happened so close to me that I find it imperative to know more about why this happens. The earth is made up of "broken" plates that looked like they're being stitched together in a very poor way. So far, there are 7 major tectonic plates… Continue reading Why does the earth rocks, it makes me “earth sick”.

I never knew neuromarketing existed

I'm entering my 7th semester this year and was contemplating on what to write for my thesis. Specialization is Marketing but, man, I suck at talking with people. I especially hate hitting up a conversation with new people. It's not like I hate you. I just don't feel comfortable and would rather be ignored. Maybe… Continue reading I never knew neuromarketing existed